SEO For My Business is a local and national Digital Marketing Agency.  We do exactly what our name says, "Search Engine Optimization For Business". 

We know the value of organic traffic coming to your company's website, and the power of a steady stream of new fresh leads day in and day out.  When you company's website is listed within the top 3 spots of Google's results, then your phone will ring more than you ever knew was possible.

Some of our clients can not even answer their phones fast enough!  We have even heard stories of clients having to hire more secretaries simply to answer all the call volume they now get.  They have told us that by the time they get off a phone call, there are two more voicemails of customers, and they simply cannot keep up.

SEOFMB was built around the principals David Kaminski has developed and learned over the last 5 years.  David created SEOFMB to help other business owners have the same success he had in his own business.  David grew a company from 1 employee to over 20 and over $1M annual revenues all in 5 years... Without spending any money on advertising!

If you were to take Business 101 in any college, they would tell you from the start of your business to advertise.  Most companies budget 12%-30% on advertising and promotion.  This is healthy, and we would never discourage advertising, but we are simply pointing out that the number one type of advertising you business should be on Google's first page of results when someone is searching you for type of business or product.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practice of getting your website to show up on search engines when someone is searching for your goods or services. A good SEO company will understand all the ins and outs of the Internet and get your website listed in the top spots when someone is searching for your goods or services.

Why SEO?

SEO is a form of advertising for your business or product you sell.  When advertising on The Internet, most advertising platforms charge a Cost Per Click (CPC).  SEO is beautiful in the fact that it does not mater how many people click on your website, it does not cost you any additional money.  Additionally, the better the SEO for your website, the more high quality traffic comes to your online business.

Why Choose SEOFMB?

SEOFMB really takes the time to learn everything within your business  We will put a plan into action to create so much business it will be difficult to handle.  We have countless clients who know SEO is their company's best investment.  There are never any contracts to sign when working with us.  We are your company's #1 team player!

Don't take our word for it, hear it straight from our customers! 

"Doc" From Tucson, AZ explaining how he has not had a day off work in 4 months! 



Do You Want More Customers Than You Can Handle?